Morpheus Metaverse is an educational virtual world that incorporates historical artifacts, immersive learning and NFTs. Educators can create virtual & augmented reality lessons. Using learn-to-earn model, discoverer can discover new knowledge privately or jointly with their friends and earn tokens as a reward.

An Education Metaverse

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Earn DEN token while learning!

Immersive Lessons from 7 museums

Learn to Earn

Featured Exhibitions 


Learn to Earn

Being in Morpheus, visitors have the opportunity to learn and engage with socially important arts and artifacts. Moreover, visitors would have a chance to earn BLOCKs

Earning BLOCKs by interacting with experience in Morpheus is a fundamental earning mechanism. For a certain type of MAPPs, users can earn/wager DEN and BLOCKs.

Learn to Earn

Use BLOCK to make MAPPs, share them with other users, or sell them as NFT.

Join the discussion, chat with community, ask questions, get involved in events and more!



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Morpheus Metaverse

The World of Arts, Culture and More

Artifacts and artworks (physical and digital) capture sociocultural values. They tell the story of us, humans. Thanks to NFTs & IPFS technology and 3D Scanning technology, we can increase the longevity of digital and physical artifacts and artworks. However, preserving them alone is not enough. We must enable others to access, learn, experience, and interact with the artifacts, otherwise, it is as good as not having them in the first place.

Therefore, we invite museums, galleries, artists, collectors, and NFT owners to come together and exhibit your collection in Morpheus. A world where people can admire and engage with your compilation through Metaverse APPs or MAPPs (a mini software that users can use, ranging from viewing, leaving an impression, wager, and more). Of course, the owner of the exhibiting items may choose which interaction to be free and which interaction requires a participation fee. 

Going beyond arts and culture, Morpheus is designed to be a world that simulates real-life experiences, a world where people can go on an adventure, shop, learn or attend a party together. Therefore, we invite fellow metaverse architects to create various Metaverse Apps of all kinds. Together, we can create a world that preserves our diverse culture and opens to all to live in a new reality.

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100+ Holo-NFTs that come to life using Desktop AR technology

Collect arts & historical artifact

Featured NFT Collections


Use Cases

Holographic Exhibition

Visit museums from all around the world from your home. You can get up close and personal with museum artifacts as it they exist in your home using Desktop AR technology. Since museums house historical artifacts and tell important stories about science, nature, and culture, there is no better place to start!

Create Immsersive Lessons

Share your knowledge by creating immersive learning resources for other educators and learners to use. You can create traditional learning resources such as videos and images, or you can go beyond and create an immersive learning experience using VR and AR technologies. Whether the experience is free or paid, it is entirely up to you!

Live Expert
Meeting Events

Meet and greet real-life experts in Morpheus and learn from their experience first-hand. Speakers from the events may change from time to time. It can be a museums curator, astronaut or cutting-edge researcher. Alternatively, you can set up your own event and share your knowledge with everyone in the metaverse.

Connect with other discoverer!

Learning alone can be dull sometimes. Uncover new knowledge with friends in real-life or discover new friends in Morpheus, whichever the case may be, you can embark on a journey together on a multi-player quest or just hang out and discuss topics that you are both passionate about.

Much more!

Therefore, there is no limitation to what kind of experience can be built in Morpheus. Using the "WYSIWYG - what you see is what you get" principle, you can build the world of your own by placing BLOCKs on LAND that you own. The BLOCK mechanism makes everything simpler to the point that you do not need programming skills to get started.

Collect museum
& cultural artifacts

Historically significant artifacts are priceless. It is estimated that the arts & antiquities market spans an ever-growing $50.1 billion. In Morpheus, you can own official digital & immersive collectibles called Holo-NFT from museums and digital artists. Some of these collectables are digital twins of artefacts in real-life in museums and galleries!