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Welcome to NSM SCIAM Metaverse museum

Embark on a journey through a virtual world of discovery. Sign up to begin your immersive exploration.

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Explore Immersive Learning Contents

Explore NSM's artefact collections through Desktop AR for an immersive experience. Enjoy 3D scans that make you feel like you're in the museum.

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Gain Knowledge through Adventures

Conquer diverse landscapes, wielding knowledge against formidable monsters and challenges on thrilling adventures.

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Build your own world in Metaverse

Use your knowledge to earn NFT block rewards and build your own space in the NSM metaverse

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NFT and Cryptocurrency

Play and earn rewards in NFT and cryptocurrency through interactive adventures and monster battles


Featured Metaverse World

Journey through NSM's metaverse, exploring five distinct and diverse worlds, each offering a unique and immersive experience.



SCIAM is a metaverse project by National Science Museum of Thailand, the place where you can play, learn and earn rewards. Download the application to discover the metaverse!


Join the SCIAM Metaverse

Register now to explore the SCIAM Metaverse, the place you can explore various worlds,battle with monsters, interact with the online community.


Play and Earn

Navigate the marketplace, trading NFT rewards to acquire more and customize your space, crafting a unique environment in the metaverse.

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