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The Morpheus ProjecT

An Education Metaverse

The first of its kind, gamified, augmented-reality, learning space.

The Morpheus Project

Teleport into a virtual world where you learn and test your knowledge by battling monsters, form friendships with your meta-friends, build masterpieces for the world to see and explore, and earn along the way.

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Explore an educational Metaverse

Gain knowledge through adventures

Collect badges from your adventures by defeating monsters and climbing the leaderboards. Expand your knowledge as a student, share your expertise as a creator or take your achievements into the physical world with certificates.

Join the discussion, chat with the community, ask questions, get involved in events and more!



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Use Cases

Immersive Learning Experience

Expand your knowledge of your favourite topics. Sign up for curated courses designed to keep you engaged with Desktop-AR. Quench your thirst for knowledge on your own, or collaborate with your meta-friends. Display your badges for the world to see or aim higher and reach for a certificate to add to your portfolio. If you’re already an expert, consider creating a course of your own!

Learn and Earn Opportunities

The experience extends further than just learning. Earn blocks, the fundamental building pieces in The Morpheus Metaverse. Blocks are used to create structures and atmospheres on your own land or communal spaces. The block mechanism simplifies everything, to the point that you don’t need programming skills to get started. Lands can be purchased or collected as rewards by participating in events.

Gamified Education

Embark on a journey to battle the monsters roaming the Morpheus Metaverse. Use knowledge to strengthen your character and expand your arsenal of information in preparation for tournaments. Challenge your friends to find out who knows best. Adventurers before you have written of a great battle that is foretold to happen in the near future. Prepare yourself accordingly.

Connect With Other Explorers

Learning alone can be dull sometimes. Uncover new knowledge with friends in real-life or discover new friends in The Morpheus Metaverse. Whichever your preference may be, you can embark on a journey together on a multiplayer quest or just hang out and discuss topics that you are all passionate about.

Museums' Holographic Exhibitions

Visit museums from all around the world, from the comfort of your own home. You can get up close and personal with museum artefacts as if they exist in your home - with Desktop-AR technology. As museums house historical artefacts and share important knowledge about science, nature, and culture, there is no better place to start!

Much More

There really is no limit to what kind of experience can be built in The Morpheus Metaverse. The core value of this space is collaboration. We place importance on the part that our community plays in the development of this communal space. Is anything missing that you’d be excited to see? Send us your thoughts here.

Meet the Team

Dr. Sirisilp Kongsilp

Chief Executive Officer

Assoc. Prof. Krisada Chaiyasarn, Ph.D.(Cantab)

Chief Technical Officer

Vasakorn Morakul, MD

Chief Operating Officer

Apichat Buatik

Senior Vision & AI Scientist (PhD Candidate)

Hathaichanok Chawmungkrung

Senior Software Engineer

Nutthakan Limpanawannakul

Software Engineer

Sasinat Martyn

Head of Sales & Business Development

Tirawat Saefang

Graphic Designer

Thunnalin Prapunt

Assistant to CEO

In Partnership with

VR/AR Association
Greater Translogic Advisory Services
Department for International Trade
The Sandbox
Animoca Brands
The Metaverse Standards Forum

Collect rewards as you explore. Own and customise your land. Use blocks to create skyscrapers or a forest where you go to escape or plan your next adventure.

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Learn and Earn


Imperial War Museums
Museum of Mineralogy and Petrography
EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum
Science Museum Group
The Hunt Museum
Anglo-Boer War Museum
Ditsong Museums of South Africa

As seen on

AR Insider
Evening Standard
VR/AR Association
Jing Culture & Commerce
Art Plugged

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